The Eagle

A gloss Hollybush ceiling and Buttermilk walls, panoramic windows and solid ash floor. Mismatched tables and chairs, punters, young and old. World music and jazz, good food, wine and beer.

159 Farringdon Road



020 7837 1353



The Eagle

I recently had a night away at the Hoxton Hotel in Holborn and so the humans wanted to find a pub nearby for lunch. We heard that the food at The Eagle was good but it was even better than expected! So much so that the humans are still talking about it weeks later.
The pub is very basic and you could be fooled into thinking it’s nothing special but you MUST visit if you are a foodie like me. There is plenty of space for dogs of all sizes but I didn’t see any water so do take your own. If you are very lucky the humans might give you a bit of their food but it might just be too good to share!
The area is very quiet at weekends so perfect of you don’t like too much noise and crowds.


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