Soane's Kitchen

Our Restaurant in Ealing, Walpole Park, within Pitzhanger Manor's original walled garden. Escape the City and enjoy fresh, seasonal and delicious dishes from our Lunch, Brunch & Evening menus.

Walpole Park


W5 5EQ

020 8579 2685



Soane's Kitchen

Soane’s Kitchen is the best park café I have yet to discover in London. The restaurant is beautifully designed and spacious with a lovely outside terrace area too.All doggies are welcome inside and out and they were more than happy forme to wander around and take photos.I was provided with water and the waiter asked if I wanted to order something but the humans said I had my own treats. I sometimes think they don’t know me at all!We visited on a weekday lunchtime which was quiet and the humans enjoyed a delicious charcuterie board for lunch.Afterwards you can take a nice walk around Walpole Park and admire Pitzhanger Manor House.Archie🐾🐾


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