Netil 360

A panoramic bar, garden, cafe and workspace, with the citys skyline as our backdrop

1 Westgate Street


E8 3RL



Netil 360

Netil 360 was my first experience of a rooftop bar. At first I thought we were going to get the car because the stairs are like those of a multi-storey car park but don’t be put off, it’s well worth the climb! When we got to the top we found a huge green space with views across London. The vibe is very relaxed with low tables on the astroturf so the humans had to sit on the floor too - it was great to have them down at my level. It was like being on a picnic . The house dog Tres wanders around welcoming everyone and they are happy for dogs to be off lead as long as they are still under control and not stealing food (that’s me out then). There is an indoor bar in case the weather takes a bad turn, where we are also allowed and there are water bowls there for us. Bar snacks are available for the humans in the form of dim sum dumplings. Archie 🐾🐾


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