French bistro with whitewashed bricks and banquette seating, plus a wood-panelled cocktail lounge

41 North Audley Street






We stumbled upon this restaurant on our way to somewhere else and the humans decided they liked the look of the food that was coming out so decided to give it a try.
We doggies are allowed inside as well as outside but it was a lovely day so we joined the other people on the terrace. A waiter immediately brought me some water and after a quick drink I settled down under the table to enjoy my Edgard & Cooper Busy Day Bar while the humans enjoyed their brunch.
The menu is Mediterranean/ middle eastern and you can get brunch, lunch and dinner at NAC. The humans said it was one of the best Shakshuka they ever had and they did let me try a tiny bit of merguez sausage.
They are intending to go back to try the cookies and Frosties soft serve ice cream as this seemed to be very popular with everyone else!


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