Quirky, 18th-century townhouse tea room that transforms into a cocktail lounge every evening.

9 Conduit Street


W12 2XG



My humans discovered last year that one of their favourite places welcomes us doggies. They eventually got round to taking me there when they re-opened after that strange time when all the pubs and restaurants were closed.
We doggies are allowed in The Parlour which is on the ground floor but sorry my big friends, it’s small dogs only. My humans did warn me that I might not be allowed back because I was so excited to finally be there (and that the humans on the next table had dropped some fish on the floor) that I was a little bit noisy. I think I got away with it though because the man on the door said “see you again soon” as we left!
The Parlour serves food all day and the humans can get breakfast, steak, fish and chips and cakes. I was brought water in their special bowl and the staff were very friendly to me. The humans said if I promise to behave, we can go again for afternoon tea.




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