Little Creatures

Born out of a love affair with hoppy beer We've brewed something special! Take a stroll down to Lewis Cubitt Park in Kings Cross and discover great beer, delicious food and a venue brimming with atmosphere Open from 8am everyday

Lewis Cubitt Walk



020 8161 4446

Kings Cross

Little Creatures

This Restaurant/Bar and Brewery is a gastropub with beer-themed decor such as hop plants winding up the wall, clear glass walls to reveal a micro-brewery, and various beer and Australian memorabilia (where Little Creatures is from). Dogs are allowed anywhere on the expansive ground floor (combination of booths, long sharing bench/tables and regular chairs and tables). There is also an additional area of outdoor seating with heaters and covered areas which can be used for the colder weather, facing a small park. The brewer often gives the spent hops (from the on-site brewed beer) to the chef, who then makes dog biscuits out of them! I often try to encourage my humans to go inside (whilst on walks), to check whether they have made a fresh batch of dog biscuits to sample. The human menu is wide and varied and has something for everyone, both meat-eaters and vegan options. It opens from 8am where it serves brunch options, and food all day until 11pm alongside the range of craft beers (which I am not allowed to drink) as you would expect at a brewery.




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