Little Blue Door

It was our vision of the perfect house party; a place where people could meet in an unpretentious environment; and have whatever party they wanted, from chilling in the corner to getting wild and dancing on the tables.

871-873 Fulham Road




Little Blue Door

This is a really cool place in Fulham which is set out like you are in someone’s home. The staff call themselves flatmates and we are all invited to visit, including all doggies! The staff are very friendly but do be warned, they all wear hats and I know some of you aren’t keen on humans in hats. I was brought a bed to sit on, some water, treats and even a selection of toys to keep me amused. The humans enjoyed their brunch and said it was a very comfortable and relaxing place. There aren’t many tables so is best to book, but there is enough room for dogs of all sizes. Tip: there is no signage or obvious signs that this is a restaurant - you just have to look out for the Blue Door on Fulham Road. Archie 🐾🐾




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