Linnaean is a new health, beauty and lifestyle concept store in the heart of London’s Embassy Gardens, part of Nine Elms, the new residential, cultural and business quarter. Inspired by the Swedish naturalist, Carl Linnaeus, who advanced our understanding of who we are and what we can become, Linnaean is a unique environment for curious bodies and open minds to consciously nourish, adapt and grow. Linnaean invites guests to experience ‘living evolved’ by offering a holistic lifestyle concept comprising café, restaurant and shop. Menu includes dishes inspired by Spain, Japan, Greece and Italy. Our delicious dishes created with well-being in mind. Linnaean offers a chic yet relaxed space for guests to enjoy a contemporary all-day brunch and lunch offering, that transforms into a sophisticated restaurant ambience in the evening with the elevate à la carte menu. Seasonality plays a significant role in the rotating menu, which will comprise predominantly of plant-led dishes with options suitable for flexitarians who may wish to add fish or meat to core dishes.

2 New Union Square


SW11 7AX

0203 971 0805



This very pretty and super dog friendly place is in a new development called Embassy Gardens. There is not much else there yet but it is worth going for this place alone. I went with my friend Tika in December so they were all decorated for Christmas but it is a restaurant that will be pretty all year round - very Instagrammable! The staff are dog crazy and all came to say hello to us - they even came from the beauty spa just to see us. Yes, you heard right, Linnaean isn’t just a restaurant they also have a hair and beauty salon so your humans can make themselves look even more beautiful and we can join them in any area of the restaurant and spa. As soon as we arrived, we were brought a gorgeous bed to make ourselves comfy on and also water and treats. The human food is plant-rich and has plenty of gluten-free, non-dairy options. Linnaean is definitely worth going out of your way for! Tip: If your humans drive there then they will need to park in the Waitrose car park which is free for 2 hours. Archie 🐾🐾




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