Hoxton Cabin

We like to keep our spaces as chilled and relaxing as your own living room. At Hoxton Cabin you will be able to study, work or enjoy a catch up with friends. We serve delicious breakfast, light lunches and snacks made by us daily along with coffee during the day, and independent craft lagers during the evening. We also serve spirits and cocktails.

132 Kingsland Road


E2 8BP


Hoxton Cabin

Hoxton Cabin describes itself as a creative and musical cafe. They have space for emerging artists to display their work and they host live music and open mike sessions, they also have monthly comedy evenings. More importantly (to us anyway) they have a cool cafe with a relaxed vibe and great coffee. The Cabin is on an uninspiring corner of Kingsland Road and doesn’t have great kerb appeal but do go inside, you will be glad you did. The cafe is filled with reclaimed furniture, ‘car boot sale’ antiquities and art by local artists adorn the walls so there is plenty to entertain your eyes while you tuck into your Pasteis de Nata or one of their other tempting cakes. If you love coffee you won’t be disappointed here, try the almond flat white and the chai latte was also excellent. A great place to enjoy breakfast, lunch and light snacks. They are licensed with a small selection of beers and spirits and for smokers and vapers there is a small covered garden area at the rear. We were very welcome at Hoxton Cabin. The staff brought us water and made a fuss of us. There was plenty of space for us to sit with the humans while they had their coffee and cake. They are always happy when they get a good cup of coffee and when they’re happy, we’re happy! We were so relaxed in the cafe that we fell asleep and had to be woken up to go and get our train home!




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