A local neighbourhood restaurant on a grand scale

350 Kings Road



020 7559 1000



The Bluebird is a firm favourite of my human’s and they have been there many times. They were thrilled to discover I was allowed to join them, so now it’s also a favourite of mine. We doggies are allowed in the bar area which is quite a large space with plenty of room for dogs of all sizes. I went with the humans to help them celebrate Valentines Day so the restaurant was looking really romantic with lots of flowers everywhere. The humans had an afternoon tea and I enjoyed my special heart cookie which we picked up from Love My Human which is very close by. The staff were mostly pleased to see me but I think one of the waiters was a bit scared of me! They did bring me water and were happy for me to sit on the human seats. In summer the terrace is a great place to sit and watch the dogs of Chelsea strut their stuff! Archie 🐾🐾




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