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Wulf and Lamb

The humans are trying to include more plant-based cuisine into their diet. I told them the grass on Putney Common is quite tasty but then they took me to Wulf and Lamb in Chelsea and I realised what they meant!

This beautiful vegan restaurant whose motto is “Run with the wolves. Eat with the lambs” is in the middle of the very smart Pavillion Road, which like most of Chelsea is very dog friendly.

The restaurant is situated over 2 floors and we doggies are welcome everywhere. Downstairs is a bit busier as that’s where you place your order but upstairs is very spacious with loads of natural light. They also have a terrace and a few tables out front. I was made very welcome by the staff who brought me water and allowed me to sit on the seats for photos. We went on a Saturday lunchtime and there was plenty of space because of how the restaurant is set out.

The humans said their food was some of the tastiest they had ever eaten. They had the Open Burrito and Tex Mex Salad. They are almost as greedy as I am so managed to eat it all even though both dishes were quite large. They said that Wulf and Lamb proves that you don’t need meat to have delicious food.

“We’ve crafted a menu to satisfy your craving for comfort food. Each dish is stacked with flavours and surprising ingredients.”

You can visit their website for menus and opening times. They also do food to go if you’re in a hurry but we highly recommend you visit the restaurant for a lazy lunch.

I give Wulf and Lamb 3 paws.



P.s this is how we rate dog friendly places

1 paw - not really dog friendly, more dog tolerant!

2 paws - worth a visit if you are in the area. Probably more for the humans.

3 paws - very dog friendly, worth going a little bit out of your way.

4 paws - super dog friendly (e.g have dog menu) worth a special trip.


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