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Truffle is 5 year old Toy Poodle who started life in the Philippines when mum Jean received her as a birthday gift from her brother. She then moved to New York for a few years and has been living in Covent Garden since 2018.

We asked this cosmopolitan pooch about her London life:

What do you love about living in London?

I love the different parks and how lovely all the other dogs are. It makes me feel free to roam around and sniff and run after birds, and balls that mum throws around my way. I also enjoy going to restaurants and coffee shops and being welcome to most establishments.

Where do you like to go to chase the birds?

I love going to Regent's Park or Green Park because of the lush open field where I can run around! Aside from parks, I love walking around the shops in Seven Dials because everyone gives me rubs and attention :)

What dog friendly places do you recommend?

Petersham Nurseries in Floral Court, Covent Garden is a beautiful farm to table restaurant that welcomes dogs! The staff at their sister restaurants, La Goccia and Petersham Deli, also love to give me high fives. The space is stunning!

Petersham Nurseries in Richmond is one of our favourites too. How about outside of London?

Since we just moved to London, Mum has only taken me to Cambridge and Hampstead Heath. I would love to explore other parts of the UK, please give mum suggestions!

You should definitely get her to take you to the beach. Camber Sands and West Wittering are our favourites.

What do you do while your humans are at work?

If mum is out, I usually stay with my dog sitter, @citypetsit, or for longer vacation days I stay with Kim @citydogexpert. If it's just a few hours, mum gives me a kong with treats or a boredom buster that keeps me preoccupied. Otherwise, I love naptime!

What do you do to make your humans smile?

They tell me I’m a bit too smart for my own good sometimes! Mum always teaches me new tricks and I try really hard to impress with my cuteness and quick wit.

What treats do you demand in return for these tricks?

I recently discovered chicken feet by Run Dog Health, and OMG. OBSESSED!

Who are your doggy best friends?

I love Cedric and Kobe @Cedricthepomeranian and all of Kim's Dogs.

Oh we love Cedric and Kobe too!

What other friends do you follow on Instagram?

I love learning about new events around town from @citydogexpert, @londondogweek and @thelondog as well as events from @twoterrierssocialclub!

What are your plans for 2019?

I want to explore more parks, do you have any recommendations?

We would love to show you round Richmond Park one day.

Thanks Truffle. We are always keen to meet new doggies and find out about their lives so do tell your friends❤️


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