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Toldi Flea and Tick Collar

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

I am always up for trying new things, so when Toldi asked me to give their natural flea and tick collar a try I was happy to oblige, especially when I saw it comes in one of my favourite colours.*

The humans have been giving me a well-known flea and tick treatment every month since I was a young pup but have found that I still sometimes get the occasional flea, especially during the summer months.

They also noticed that recently, in the days following the treatment, I lick my paws excessively.

The humans do sometimes worry about the amount of chemicals going into my little body when they put those drops on my neck so were more than happy to try a more natural method of protecting me from fleas and ticks.

So what's in the Toldi flea and tick collar?

Only Lavender Oil, Citronella and Lemon Oil and absolutely no chemicals.

Citronella has been proved to be effective in repelling insects and lice.

Lemon Oil acts against bacteria and reduces inflammation.

Lavender Oil is great for allergies and anxiety.

Each collar gives protection for 8 months against fleas, larvae, mosquitoes, ticks and lice.

The collar is waterproof and is adjustable to fit all size dogs.

You can buy your Toldi flea collar here.

*This blog includes paid promotional content from Toldi UK.

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Unknown member
Aug 10, 2020

Hello. This collar was the perfect antidote to summer in a woodsy area. We use this alongside a topical, natural anti-tick essential oil spray and had very great results. No more flea and ticks on our dog. Great anti flea collar!

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