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The Little Blue Door Fulham

Behind an inconspicuous blue door on Fulham Road you will discover this funky little bar and restaurant with a cool story.

A group of flatmates wanted to create a homely place where like-minded people could gather for drinks and food so they opened a place called Little Yellow Door in Notting Hill. They then decided to spread their great idea to Fulham with The Little Blue Door which opened in 2018.

We are a young, growing brand pioneering a new slant on the hospitality industry. Our aim is to create venues which feel like walking into a home by styling them around a fictional flat share.

The result is a bar and restaurant concept which is welcoming, inviting and unpretentious.

Thanks to and @empressmathilda, the humans discovered this cool place is also dog friendly so we headed there for brunch one Saturday morning.

The guys who work there were really pleased to see me, they even brought me out a bed and some toys as well as water. I wasn’t so sure about the waiter in the top hat but he turned out to be really friendly!

The humans said the brunch menu had a good selection and what they had was tasty. They could also help themselves to the ‘flatmates favourites’ table with as much juice, cereal and toast as they liked.

The flatmates are opening more Little Doors around London so keep an eye on their website or follow them @thelittlebluedoorfulham

I give this place 3 paws.

Archie 🐾🐾

p.s. this is how I rate dog friendly places

1 paw - not really dog friendly, more dog tolerant!

2 paws - worth a visit if you are in the area

3 paws - very dog friendly, worth going a little bit out of your way

4 paws - super dog friendly (e.g have dog menu) worth a special trip


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