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The Hoxton Hotel

As a treat for working so hard at our Chelsea Pop-Up Dog Market, my humans took me for a mini break in Shoreditch, where we all spent the night at The Hoxton Hotel.

We arrived on a Saturday afternoon and I was greeted by the receptionist who came out from behind the desk to give me a special welcome and chin tickle. She said to let her I know if I needed anything during my stay. The humans said this was a mistake as she had no idea how demanding I can be!

Up in our room, which was small but very stylish and had everything we needed, there was a lovely comfy bed just for me and two bowls, which were empty so the humans quickly sorted that out before I reached for the phone.

Before we went to explore the Shoreditch area, we went downstairs for a drink. The hotel has a huge dining, drinking and general chilling area. Some humans were even there working on their laptops with a coffee. I was allowed in all areas of the hotel so I chose the comfy sofa in front of the fireplace.

The hotel does get very busy and they have a DJ so it can get loud but there is so much space that you can find a quieter spot somewhere and you won’t trip anyone up.

They serve American inspired food all day and you can eat in the restaurant, bar or lounge area.

“Our Shoreditch hotel is an all day destination with an open lobby where everyone is welcome, whether it’s to work, catch up over coffee, cosy up around the fireplaces or knock back a cocktail or two.”

When we returned later it was really busy and there was a queue of humans waiting to get in. I felt like a VIP walking to the front and being welcomed in by the doormen. There were lots of humans who had been drinking that stuff that makes them silly and they all wanted to say hello to me. The music did get very loud but in our room we couldn’t hear it because they had very good windows which shut out the noise.

We all had a good nights sleep and the humans woke up to a light breakfast waiting for them. Full breakfast was available downstairs in the restaurant but we had plans to go elsewhere.

I enjoyed my stay at The Hoxton and it is perfectly located for exploring the many dog friendly places in Shoreditch. I look forward to trying their other London hotels in Holborn and Southwark. Maybe they could consider putting some welcome treats in one of those bowls next time 😜




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