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The Gallivant

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Archie gives his thoughts on his stay at this East Sussex hotel.

I decided to take the humans away for the weekend for Gaynor’s birthday and because I’m not too keen on being in the car for too long we headed to Camber Sands which is under 2 hours from home.

This is one of my favourite beaches as it is pebble free and once you have climbed up and over the dunes, it is nice and flat - perfect for running and chasing a ball. The dunes provided some shelter against the January we

A few steps away from the beach you will find The Gallivant, a dog friendly restaurant with rooms.

A relaxing hideaway with 20 beautiful rooms, a roaring log fire and a book lined snug.

The accommodation is a one storey, cabin-style and some rooms have access to gardens. You will need to check which ones are dog friendly when you book but I’m guessing quite a few are as there were 7 of us there when I visited. We had our own special tables in the bar area so we were all sat together for dinner and while I mingled with my new friends, all the humans ate some food and exchanged stories about us. I even met Charlie who lives with Helen George from something called “Call The Midwife”.

The staff all loved us and were pleased to see us. The humans particularly liked Kurt because he knew a lot about those drinks they have that make them silly. It is very relaxed in the bar, some doggies were off the lead but I can’t be trusted not to head for the kitchens!

The next morning all my networking the previous evening paid off because one of my new friends shared his black pudding with me. The humans enjoyed a buffet breakfast (for an extra charge you can have cooked) before we headed off to the beach and into Rye for lunch. Back at the hotel they enjoyed tea and cake in the afternoon which is served in the bar every day from 4pm (included in room rate).

The room where we stayed for 2 nights was very comfortable and clean. I had access to the garden and my own bed and water bowl. The humans loved their huge bed.

Gaynor says The Gallivant is a very nice place to spend your birthday. Maybe they will take me back for mine...

Book your stay now at or follow them @thegallivant.

I give The Gallivant 3 paws

Archie 🐾🐾

P.s this is how I rate dog friendly places

1 paw - not really dog friendly, more dog tolerant!

2 paws - worth a visit if you are in the area

3 paws - very dog friendly, worth going a little bit out of your way

4 paws - super dog friendly (e.g have dog menu) worth a special trip


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