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The Dog Nutritionist

Cam The Dog Nutritionist came along to one of our first events in January to tell us all about the benefits of a raw food diet and we all got to take home some of his tasty Natural Chews.

Now some of the humans can be a bit squeamish about these chews because they are completely natural which means they are animal parts such as chicken feet and cows hooves but we doggies love them and they are excellent for our teeth and gums. Did you know that Periodental Disease is the most common disorder in UK dogs, with around 80% of adult dogs suffering from this? So it’s important to get the right food and treats to combat this, especially if you’re not good at chewing your food.

Visit where there is loads of advice about feeding us and you can also book consultations with Cam.

Cam will be at our Chelsea Pop-Up Dog Market on 27th July to answer your questions regarding nutrition and hook you up with some of those tasty treats.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Archie and Freddie



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