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The Dandiest of Dog Cafes

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

What would be your dream come true? If it happens to be the same as ours which is finding a café in London where dogs are not just welcome but are treated like VIPs, then we have some fabulous news for you. WE FOUND IT!

The Dandie Dog Café in Hampstead is the place for all doggies who love to eat out and don't mind their humans tagging along (even though they sometimes cramp our style).

This super cool café takes dog friendly to a whole new level with beds galore, jars of treats on every table, a whole host of toys and games and even our own Doggie Den for when we need some space from those humans wanting to cuddle us all the time!

The café has a very relaxed vibe throughout with comfy chairs for the humans and some low tables if you prefer them to be closer to you (easier to pop those treats in your mouth)!

I went with my friend Elmo and we could have happily stayed all day.

Elmo is a bit bigger than me even though we are exactly the same age but Dandie Dog Cafe welcome four legged foodies of all shapes and sizes and there is plenty of space between tables for us to enjoy something from their doggie menu.

As well as a Lickimat full of delicious treats to keep us occupied, you can also choose from 7 other doggie dishes including Spaghetti Meatballs and Fish Fingers. As well as a selection of beverages (or just water if you prefer).

Dandie Dog Cafe serves delicious vegan food for the humans including a range of homemade sweet treats.

Our humans tucked into some Lemon and Courgette cake and they said it was so good, they had to get more to take home for later! And they have the nerve to say we are greedy!

Talking of things for later, before you leave make sure they buy you some treats to enjoy at home from the selection of homemade doggie biscuits, donuts and cupcakes or from some of the best treat companies like our friends at Hownd and Soopa.

They have more items on their online shop.

Dandie Dog Cafe is the perfect place to meet up with your four legged foodie pals and great for meeting new ones too.

They have regular doggie events including yoga and can also cater for your birthday pawty! And even though they don't mind dirty dogs popping in, if you turn up really filthy there is a bathroom downstairs where you can get yourself cleaned up!

They really have thought of everything and we can't wait to go back. Hope to see you there!

This review was brought to you by Nacho and all comments are his own!


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