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Technically, I'm a Dog!

We tested out some new pet tech by KitPlus.

The world is all about innovative tech now, so why should the pet world get left behind?

Good news! Our friends at KitPlus have some fabulous hi-tech products for us pooches. We tested some out and here's the deets.

The KitPlus Smart Vacuum Feeder is an automatic feeder which dispenses food for your pet at set times programmed in by you.

Pros of the Vacuum Feeder:

  • It has a large food barrel (9L) which can be a great food storage solution for homes with limited space and the vacuum preservation technology helps to prevent moisture entering the food barrel and therefore food does not get mouldy.

  • It is great for pets who may be left alone at feeding times.

  • You can set the amount of food dispensed to help prevent over-feeding.

  • All parts are detachable and easy to clean.

Cons of the Vacuum Feeder:

  • It only works for pets on a dry/kibble diet.

  • It only works for single pet households (unless you have pets who will definitely not steal each others food or you purchase 2 feeders).

  • At £149.99 this is not an item that suits every budget. KitPlus do have a smaller, non-vacuum feeder at £69.99.

The KitPlus Pet Grooming Kit is an all-in-one grooming device which combines trimming, drying and vacuuming for dogs to be groomed at home.

Pros of the Pet Grooming Kit:

  • It is great for pets who don't like going to professional groomers or helps with maintenance between grooms.

  • It really helps keep the mess to a minimum when grooming at home.

  • It has speed and temperature controls for comfort and safety.

  • The 2L dust cup capacity means you don't need to constantly empty.

Cons of the Pet Grooming Kit:

  • Not all pets will tolerate the noise, even on lowest setting.

  • The price of £249.99 is high-end - however it could help you save on professional grooming.

  • KitPlus have a smaller, less powerful grooming kit at £169.99.

Our personal favourite KitPlus product is the PetPal Robot which is an interactive toy with built-in camera.

Pros of the PetPal Robot:

  • It is really simple to install via an app, which then allows you to control, view and record via your phone.

  • It is a great way to keep your pet entertained when home alone, whilst also allowing you to keep an eye on them.

  • It has some great, fun features like sound effects to entertain your pet.

  • It is sturdy so your pet cannot easily damage it.

  • It comes with a charging station that the robot will takes itself to when not in use.

Cons of the PetPal Robot:

  • We love this product and can only see one negative and that is the price of £249.99.


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