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Sunday Roasts at Mall Tavern

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

We heard good things about The Mall Tavern, particularly their Sunday Roasts so we thought we'd check them out for ourselves and we can confirm the rumours are true.

Their Sunday Roasts are AMAZING!

The humans are trying to do their bit for Veganuary so they went for the Nut Roast option (with a sneaky non-vegan Yorkshire Pudding).

The meal must have been delicious because they stopped talking and devoured it almost as quickly as we eat our dinner.

The Mall Tavern is a friendly, local pub with plenty of space and welcomes all Four Legged Foodies. We met 2 new friends while we were there.

They also have an enclosed rear garden and some seats outside the front of the pub.

We took our own Vegan food and treats from Hownd and W'Zis to enjoy while the humans stuffed their faces.

Afterwards we went for a walk in Hyde Park which is just around the corner and then we tried to drag the humans back to the pub as we would happily stay there all day!

We look forward to going back to The Mall Tavern and next time we hope the humans get the beef.

In this blog Archie and Nacho are wearing Reg and Bob.


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