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Strollers Are NOT Silly!

We first bought a pet stroller for our Westie Barney when he went blind through diabetes and were often asked why he wasn't walking or we would hear people with similar comments as they walked by.

7 years later, when we mentioned getting one for Archie, some friends still thought it was unnecessary and some thought we would look "silly" pushing the dogs around in a pram!

We are here to tell you that far from being silly, our recent purchase from Happy Hotdogs at Dogstival this year, was one of the most sensible things we bought this year.

We first discussed the idea of buying a stroller when we decided to get Nacho this year. Archie was already 11 years old when Nacho arrived and we knew their stamina and abilities were only going to get further apart as time went on. So when we saw this Innopet stroller at Dogstival, we decided to go for it, even if we didn't need it just yet.

As (bad) luck would have it, in a matter of weeks after the stroller arrived, Archie was diagnosed with MVD and we were advised not to over exercise him, especially in hot weather.

So what do you do when you have a lively 6 month old pup and an 11 year old with heart disease who still very much wants to join in with the adventures? You get out the stroller, that's what!

Happy Hotdogs have a range of strollers to suit all requirements and budgets and you can even hire one if you want to try them out first.

We went for a stroller that could accommodate both dogs, which was just as well because as you can see, Nacho does like to hop in too!

Our Sporty Stroller has air filled tyres for a more comfortable ride on all terrains. So far we have tested it out in the park, on the beach, through a forest, at a festival and of course, on the streets of London.

It folds up small and the wheels are easily removed to store in your car and is lightweight enough to take on tubes, trains and buses.

Far from being considered silly, we have received many positive comments and the boys certainly attract attention as they look so happy and comfortable strolling along the seafront.

We strongly recommend a stroller from Happy Hotdogs if your dog has any mobility or other issues which prevent lengthy walks. Getting out and having fresh air is good for both of you and this is how you can still enjoy those adventures together.

And anyway, who cares if you look silly as long as you are still enjoying life to the max?

Browse the full range of Innopet strollers here or pop along and see Happy Hotdogs at DogFest North this weekend.


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