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Steep Hills, Golden Sands and Donkeys

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Exploring Lincolnshire with your dog!

Lincolnshire is a large, mostly agricultural county with a variety of landscapes and a large North Sea coastline on the East Coast.

The area is famous for the Lincolnshire Wolds, its seaside towns and the cathedral city of Lincoln.

Our grandpawrents live in a town called Sutton-on-Sea which is between Skegness and Mablethorpe so we are lucky to get to visit this wonderful beach often.

This huge expanse of sandy beach is dog friendly all year round and Sutton is a great place to visit if you prefer somewhere with less hustle and bustle than the main resorts.

There is a wide promenade along the beach, lined with colourful beach huts and plenty of benches for you to sit and relax or enjoy your fish and chips.

Most of the towns in Lincolnshire are somewhat lacking in good quality dog friendly places but we believe the beaches alone make it worth the trip.

Here's what else we discovered in Lincolnshire.

The city of Lincoln is definitely worth a visit for its beautiful cathedral and 11th century castle. Both of these are found at the top of the city's famous steep hill, a cobbled hill with a one in seven gradient. The top of the hill can be accessed by car but you have to give walking up it a go, just make sure your humans have sensible shoes!

The hill is lined with independent shops and tea rooms, most of which welcome us pooches. In November, the top of the hill is home to one of Europe's largest Christmas Markets.

Throughout the year, Lincoln Castle hosts dog friendly days* where we can explore the grounds, walk on the medieval wall and even discover what it was like to be locked up in a Victorian prison!
* outside of these day, dogs are not permitted anywhere within the castle grounds.

After a couple of hours at the Castle, we were in need of refreshments so headed to The Tower Hotel.

Time for lunch...

After scaling that hill and almost getting locked in a cell, we deserved a treat!

The Tower Hotel is unassuming from the outside with a small terrace facing the road but the food and the welcoming staff are exceptional.

We arrived to treats and water already waiting for us and quickly spotted pork crackling on the menu.

We sat in the bar area which was most welcome as it was a very hot day and the stone floor was cooling for our bellies. Pooches are also welcome on the front terrace and rear garden.

The humans enjoyed what was possibly the largest Arancini ball they ever saw and a delicious gnocchi, washed down with a couple of cocktails. We noticed female human eyeing up the Afternoon Teas on our way out so feel a return visit is inevitable!

Next stop Gainsborough...

Gainsborough is a small market town with markets still held on Tuesday and Saturday.

We headed to Marshall's Yard which is on the site of an old Ironworks that dates back to 1848. The development has plenty of parking (only £1 for 4 hours!! Imagine that in Chelsea??) and is home to Caldero Lounge.

This café bar has a terrace outside and inside is super spacious with plenty of comfortable seats for us pups to join the humans for brunch, lunch, dinner and cocktails.

We were delighted with the large plate of treats the friendly staff brought for us and the humans loved their eggs benedict and Katsu chicken burger.

What else can doggies do in Lincolnshire?


The market town of Louth is known as the foodie capital of Lincolnshire with many of the shops and cafes welcoming us.

We obviously had to try Archie's café which is located in one of the quaint alleyways.

Two legged foodies are very welcome and it's a great place for breakfast or coffee and cake.


The seaside resort doesn't have a lot to offer pooches, most restaurants only welcome us outside. But if you like creatures from the sea, we are welcome to join humans (on leads at all times for obvious reasons) at the Natureland Seal Sanctuary


If you prefer animals who live on land, then put a visit to this village on your agenda as it is home to Radcliffe Donkey Sanctuary. Humans can pet and feed the funny looking horses and can even adopt one but don't worry that doesn't mean it has to come home with you!


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