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Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Starlett is 6 year old Westie who has lived with Louise since she was 16 weeks old. Starlett is Louise’s fourth dog but her first West Highland Terrier. She chose to get a Westie because many people used to ask her if Amber, her previous dog was a Westie. Amber was a cross-breed who had a DNA test which showed she had no trace of Westie in her at all. Nevertheless she looked very very similar to Starlett and so many people still think Louise has the same dog.

Starlett spent her first few months living with kittens as her breeder is also a registered breeder of British Blue cats. She still loves cats to this day and can’t understand why most don’t want to play with her!

We asked Starlett about her life with Louise...

Starlett what do you love about living in London?

The thing I love most about living in London is that there are many lovely dog friendly places right on my doorstep. London life is not all hustle and bustle you know. London has many beautiful foxes and squirrels living right on my doorstep. There are so many beautiful green open spaces and also wherever in London you are The River Thames is always just a stones throw away!

We love how many green spaces there are too. Where is your favourite place in London to go for walkies?

Without wishing to sound weird, we do quite like to go on walks through local cemeteries. As well as being very peaceful places, there are usually many cute squirrels hanging out there! However, I have to stay on my lead and sit back admiring them from afar. Brompton Cemetery is a big favourite for dog walkers to visit . I also love Bishops Park and the riverside walk along the Thames path. Plus Ravenscourt Park as there is a lovely pond there with cute ducks and local pigeons who play “chase” with me.

And do you ever go outside of London to look for squirrels?

My humum’s best friend lives in Worthing so every couple of months we meet her in Brighton which is very easy for us to get to via Southern Rail from Clapham Junction. I like to walk around the cute shopping lanes and down the promenade. We always stop off at a dog friendly pub where I get a chance to sample the local cuisine.

Oh we love the pub. What other local dog friendly places do you recommend?

I love the guys who manage Unico Gelato ice cream parlour in Notting Hill Gate. They always give me a warm welcome plus they make a fantastic “dog friendly” gelato ice cream. Also in Notting Hill we like The Old Swan Pub at the bottom of Kensington Church Street as it’s very cosy, they show me lots of love and they do some great meal deals there too.

How do you spend your time while your humum is at work?

When mummy has to work I stay with my Grandma and Grandpaw who are in their mid 80’s. They love me a great deal. Grandpaw often drives me to the park in the mornings in his car. That’s right he is my personal chauffeur! I have only once been left alone in the house and that was just for half an hour.

We hear you are a Therapy Dog which makes people happy. What do you do to make your humans smile?

I don’t have to do anything but look at them. Louise’s heart melts when she sees how much my therapy dog sessions make others smile. One child for instance was suspected to be mute until I started my visits to their school. I actually changed that child’s life and the parents were so grateful.

That’s so lovely. We love to follow your adventures on your Instagram page. Why did you start it?

I am a furry proud ambassador for Therapy Dogs Nationwide and through my work in both Primary Schools and in Residential Care Homes I have made many people happy. Also I see humans pass me in the Street and they raise an instant smile when they see me. Via Instagram and other aspects it is my mission to spread smiles to as many faces as I can all over the world.

Whose Instagram pages do you most enjoy following?

Well obviously @twoterrierssocialclub as I have a crush on both Archie and Freddie and we also like @thelondog. Both are great sources in order find out the latest on local events for dogs.

What’s this we hear about you writing a book?

Yes I’m very excited! It’s called “The Pastel Pages” and will hopefully be available from by the end of February 2019. The book will be a handbag sized guide to pretty dog friendly London and will list hundreds of places where you can bring your dog including pubs and bars, restaurants and cafes, shops and salons and pretty places to go for walkies.

We can’t wait to read it. What other plans do you have for 2019?

Mummy plans to make another book about dog friendly Brighton. Regarding my Therapy Dog sessions we are planning to do a little tour of local libraries.

Keep up with Scarlett’s adventures @starlett_the_westie or come and meet her at one of our



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