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Snooboos - The Sweet Smell of Success

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

When Four Legged Foodies go to smart pubs and posh restaurants they don't want to embarrass the humans with our special smell. Apparently dried mud and other dog's pee isn't appealing to their sensitive noses!!

So before we go dining out, we always make sure we smell sweet thanks to Snooboos and now you can too because they will be coming to Four Legged Foodie Fest.

Our skin is more sensitive than the humans so if you need regular baths before and after your adventures, then you need a shampoo that is natural and contains no nasty parabens and artificial perfumes.

All Snooboos Spa products are formulated using Natural Organic Vegan blends and are scented naturally using essential oils chosen for their therapeutic properties.

They have:

No Palm Oil

No SLS or Parabins

No Perfume

No Testing on Animals

See Snooboos in our Accessories Zone at Four Legged Foodies Fest on September 19th.


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