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Smith & Whistle

When a restaurant creates a menu just for us doggies then I have to give it a try, it would be rude not to, right?

So I took the humans and my pal Dudley along to Smith & Whistle to try their “Quarterhounder” which was specially created so that we doggies could join in the celebrations of National Burger Day.

It was a super hot day when we visited so we were very pleased to find that inside the bar was nicely air-conditioned. There are a few tables outside but they do face onto Piccadilly which is very busy and noisy. Inside, however is very calm and spacious so plenty of room for us to stretch out.

The staff are very friendly and welcoming and are very used to doggies taking photos on the furniture. We were brought water immediately in their very posh bowls and then we were asked if we would like to choose a dogtail from our very own menu. Dudley and I decided to share a Hound’s Hops, which was okay but I still prefer plain old water!

The main event for me was obviously the Quarterhounder which was a chicken breast, sandwiched in between 2 slices of sweet potato with kale and cucumber. Dudley and I aren’t fans of the green stuff but the rest was delicious and we polished it off with relish (no there wasn’t any relish)!!

The humans really enjoyed their burgers too and they said the chips were awesome! The food menu isn’t large as Smith & Whistle is the bar of the Sheraton Grand Piccadilly which has a full restaurant - unfortunately we aren’t allowed in there. So the food is very much “bar food” but very good quality. They do have an extensive cocktail menu which the humans were very interested in.

I look forward to going back next National Burger Day - maybe we could have beef next time....


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