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Reg&Bob Bob Dog Collars and Leads

You may be forgiven for thinking that I am naturally going to be a fan of anything created by two fellow Norfies. But these fabulous collars and leads speak for themselves.

The brand was created by Sarah who wanted practical and hard-wearing collars for her two fun loving Norfies but didn’t want to sacrifice on style.

“A selection of collars and leads that mirror the intense emotions that dogs offer their owners - joy, fidelity, drama, fun and of course love.”

The range comes in 6 vibrant colours that are easily cleaned and don’t fade. I have the green and orange but am hoping to eventually have the full set! (Hint to human 😜). Gaynor loves that she can just put them in the washing machine when I’ve been swimming and they come out as good as new.

You can buy yours online at

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I’m off for a walk now so get that washing machine ready Woman!




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