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Reg and Bob

Reg and Bob are 2 cheeky Norfolk terrier half brothers aged 4 and 3 years old. They live in South West London with Sarah and Robin and two teenage brothers.

When Sarah lost her previous Norfie Ted she thought she would never be able to replace him because he was so special but her love for the breed won out and along came Reg closely followed by Bob.

The boys are the faces of Reg&Bob “stylish collars and leads for active dogs.”

Reg&Bob is all about dogs being dogs. We love to roll in mud, swim and generally have a great time, so our collars and leads are not only stylish but totally practical too - waterproof and washable. You can look fabulous and still have a good time!

What do you love about living in London?

We love London - there are so many fabulous places to walk not only Wimbledon Common or Richmond Park but lots of local parks and green spaces - and if we need to drop in for a quick coffee or a beer after our walk there are lots of dog friendly places too. We are lucky to live near our sisters so we hang out lots - four Norfolk terriers together is quite a formidable sight and we always have many admirers.

What dog friendly places in your local area can we find you hanging out in?

We find that we are welcome pretty much everywhere in our local area. Some of our favourites are DrInk (Fulham Palace Road) who sell a huge selection of craft lagers and delicious Gujarati snacks. The Brown Cow on Fulham Road, and Hallys for super Californian inspired food on New Kings Road are also especially dog friendly.

We hear that you love your walkies, where’s your favourite place?

Our favourite is Wimbledon - it is huge and despite walking there for years it is still possible to get lost, if Sarah isn’t paying attention. It also has some of our favourite swimming spots. It is hugely sociable and you are bound to bump into someone you know

What places do you like to visit outside of London?

We love the seaside especially visiting Dorset. Burton Bradstock - and the fabulous Hive Beach cafe is a favourite. We also go to Devon to see our cousins and if we need a quick seaside fix we will head off to West Wittering for the day

What do you do while your humans are at work?

They generally work from home so we are on hand to remind them of all our needs

How do you make your humans smile?

We are Norfies, they can’t help but smile at us but some of our unusual sleeping positions always make them laugh and run for the camera.

You two are the same but how are you different?

Where do we start! Well I (Reg) have all the brains and most of the good looks. Bob lives in his own world but really makes everyone laugh and isn’t bad looking either!!

Why did you decide to start your own business?

It sounds like a cliche but we simply couldn't find collars and leads that we liked. Sarah loves colour and wanted to include colour in a stylish and practical product. But because we love to swim and wade through mud, they had to be practical too. We have a very clear brand identity and all our new products we are working on must be on-brand.

We look forward to you modelling the new products on Instagram! What is your favourite post?

We love Instagram - it never stops surprising us. We never imagined we would meet so many fun dogs and owners who we have got to know in person. We have so many supporters for Reg&Bob products - it is fabulous when we are tagged into posts our customers are wearing their Reg&Bob products feature. And any account that makes us all throw our heads back and howl with laughter is an absolute bonus. Our most popular post is our celebration for our first year of Reg&Bob but Bob’s flatlays are hugely popular too.

What plans do you have for 2019?

We have lots of plans to significantly extend our range - we are hoping to introduce hand thrown dog bowls with our signature stripe and some other exciting products - so watch this space!


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