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Random Rewards by The Dog House

When it comes to food I could never really be described as fussy so any treats we receive for me to try will actually be judged by the humans as they like me to have healthy, good quality stuff.

So here’s what they told me to say about these little treats from

These training treats come in a handy little tin which contains five varieties from recipes crafted by Michel Roux (apparently he’s quite well known to human foodies). The flavours are ostrich with cherry, seaweed with orange, cheese with cranberry, venison with blueberry and salmon with trout.

Five distinct, nutritious and delicious varieties of dog treats to use when rewarding your dog. No added artificial preservatives. No added artificial colourants. Formulated without wheat and wheat gluten.”

The humans take this tin with us on every walk and when I get distracted by a squirrel or look like I’m about to roll in something smelly, one little shake of that tin and I’m back right at their feet. The treats are also so small that I can have quite a few without ruining my dinner.

It’s £5.50 for your first little tin and then you can get refills for it, I also recommend their bedtime biscuits. You can buy them from the website or good independent pet stores like

Archie 🐾🐾


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