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Pretty Villages, Colourful Walks and....Giraffes??

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Four Legged Foodies enjoy an Autumn break in the Cotswolds (part 1)

Sometimes even the most hardened city dogs need a break from the hustle, bustle and pollution!
So this October, the humans packed us a bag, which we emptied out and refilled with treats then we headed to Malmesbury and the South Cotswolds for a well deserved mini-break.

In just over 2 hours we arrived at The Horse & Groom which would be our new home for the night.

This cosy inn has everything a four legged traveller could need and is perfectly located for exploring the area.
You can read more about about our stay at The Horse & Groom here.

If you want to find some beautiful Autumn colours, this area won't disappoint!

We spent the day sniffing trees in Westonbirt Arboretum. Four legged visitors are welcome to stroll around off lead except in the old arboretum, and on the treetop walk where humans need to keep you safe!

Entry tickets start at £11 (including parking) depending on the season.

Nearby Tetbury is a pretty town with lots of boutique shops and coffee shops. If you're lucky you might even spot our new king as this is where he lives.

We popped in to Martin & Malthouse so the humans could get some cake, as they hadn't eaten for at least an hour!

The café had lots of homemade goodies and is also a bottle shop and artisan deli.

The next place we stayed at holds the title of oldest hotel in England.
Can you believe The Old Bell in Malmesbury has been around since 1220? And we thought our humans were old!

After all that fresh air, we needed to rest our paws for a bit on the luxurious four poster beds in our room.

The staff at The Old Bell really spoil their four legged visitors and the hotel is full of unusual antiquities. You can read more about our visit here.

The main attraction in Malmesbury is the 12th century Abbey which is right next to the hotel. Pooches can join their humans as they learn about some more old stuff and we are also welcome in the café.

The humans love that strange water they call beer, so were delighted to find a place in Malmesbury where they make the stuff.

Flying Monk Brewery has a café, shop and tap inside a converted Cotswold barn. They love pooches and even have a jar of treats on the bar for us.

A short drive from Malmesbury is THE most picturesque of all the Cotswold villages.
Castle Combe (also pictured in title image) is featured in many photos of the area and is a favoured film location.

The village is small with only a couple of pubs and shops but well worth a visit for those Instagram shots!

The Cotswolds is completely land-locked but if you're missing the beach, head to Cotswold Country Park & Beach which home to the largest inland beach in UK.

Pooches can wander around the wooded areas that surround the lake and can even accompany humans on boats and pedalos. They only ask that dogs don't swim in the lakes as they are very deep!

Entrance is free with just a small parking charge.

We will look back fondly on our first trip to the Cotswolds but watch this space for part 2 coming soon.


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