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Pet Teezer

The best grooming products for your dog - Archie tests the de-tangling brush by Pet Teezer.

Despite my protestations, Gaynor likes to brush me most days as she says it is good for me, so she was very pleased to receive this new brush from Pet Teezer for us to try.

They have two types of brush and we tried the de-tangling one. Gaynor liked the ergonomic design which she said made it good to hold and because it is gentle I was happy to let her use it on me - I didn’t even run away when she got to my tail like I usually do.

Using a patented two-tier teeth technology, the long teeth gently remove dirt, reaching confidently down to the undercoat, whilst the shorter teeth smooth the hair and protect against matting.

Afterwards she said I looked very smart and that a lot of loose hair came out, making my coat feel soft. Of course, the best bit for me is getting a treat for being a good boy!

Check out their website where you can buy the brushes and guides for the humans on how to groom us

Gaynor will be using the Pet Teezer from now on to make sure I always look my best at our events.

We hope to see you at our next one!

Archie 🐾🐾

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