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Pawsitive Touch

We doggies love adventures but sometimes we overdo it, some of us have accidents and unfortunately old age comes to us all, along with associated health problems.

Canine Myotherapy can help with a range of issues linked to all of these and many more. We are both getting on a bit now and Freddie has problems with his back legs, while I have some aches and pains from pulling on the lead. So we called in our good friend Lucy Tyrell from Pawsitive Touch to help.

“Pawsitive Touch offers Galen Canine Myotherapy, a complimentary treatment for your dog, allowing them to enjoy their life and live it to the full. Massage as a complimentary therapy has been used for thousands of years as a treatment for the muscles and soft tissues of the body.”

Following an initial consultation and vet approval, Lucy came to our home to give us our treatments. Lucy is a friend of our humans so we know her well but we also know that she is very good with all doggies and they all warm to her and trust her because she never forces us to do anything we don’t want to do and is very gentle with us.

The treatment involves various massage techniques depending on the issues you have. For Freddie, Lucy concentrated on his his problematic back legs but also the front legs on which he has been overcompensating. I needed more attention on my neck muscles.

All of the treatment is carried out on a comfortable cushion placed on the floor and we were completely free to get up and wander off at any time. Freddie is currently in quite a bit of pain so he needed regular breaks but I was happy to be massaged all day and you can see in the photo how relaxed I was afterwards. Our humans were present throughout the treatments so we felt happy and they were able to ask Lucy questions afterwards.

Unfortunately, Freddie is going to have surgery on his legs but Lucy will be back to provide him with post-operative treatments. I’m looking forward to my next treatment, especially the fantastic sleep I have afterwards!

To find out more information visit

Or better still, come and talk to Lucy at our Chelsea Pop-Up Dog Market on July 27th where she will be offering muscle balance assessments and can tell you more about the benefits of Canine Myotherapy.




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