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Archie gives his thoughts on this fashionable beverage.

The dogs of South West London see me as bit of a trend setter so when Woof & Brew brought out a drink called Pawsecco, I obviously had to try it. Gaynor is a huge fan of the human equivalent and she was very excited at the thought of me being able to join her - apparently humans consider it sad to drink alone. (They’ve also never experienced the joy of sharing a puddle).

Of course our doggie version isn’t made of grapes, it’s also non-alcoholic and not fizzy. Ours is made of elderflower, linden blossom, ginseng and water and comes in white and rose varieties. I tried both but wasn’t super keen - to be honest I prefer plain old water. They recommend trying it poured over your food but I have my dinner from a special bowl to stop me eating too fast and it doesn’t hold liquid. My friend Maisie tried it with her dinner and she wasn’t too keen either.

They do now also make a Pawsecco pop which I will try in the summer and their Pawsecco gift sets do make a cute present but I’m afraid as a drink it’s not for me.

We all have different tastes so I’m sure some doggies love it, let me know if you do.

Woof & Brew also make a beer, teas and herbal tonics, all of which I will be reviewing soon so watch this space.

Archie 🐾🐾


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