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Our Letter to Santa

Here's what we are hoping the big guy will bring us this Christmas!

Dear Santa

Don't listen to the human, we think we've been really good boys this year. Our barking was just us trying to protect her from strangers, when we steal food from people's picnics we are trying to save her money and if we don't come when she calls us we are just helping her improve her voice projection!

As we have been perfect, loyal companions all year, we think we deserve spoiling this Christmas.

Please can you fill up the sleigh with all these goodies and send them to us and all the other perfect pooches (don't worry, the humans will send money).

Apparently Christmas Day is all about food - we say isn't every day?

But we do really hope to get a Christmas Snack Box by Lecker Bites so we can join in with all the feasting!

The box is filled with burgers, sausages, turkey strips and chicken cubes, all of which are organic, raw, freeze-dried healthy treats.

The Christmas Snack box is £15 and you can get yours here.

We adore our adventures so we need this journal by Paws, Enrich, Plan to allow the humans to plan what we want to do in 2023 and record our memories forever.

This beautiful journal is designed to assist mental health in dog owners by embracing adventures in the great outdoors and includes paw print cards and adventure stickers.

The journal is £22.99 and you can get yours here.

All good boys and girls deserve to wake up on Christmas morning and find their own stocking at the end of their bed.

This furry doggy stocking by Sniffe & Likkit comes with 3 sealed pouches of their tasty bite-sized treats.

Perfect for keeping us quiet while the humans stuff their faces with Turkey.

The stocking is £14 and you can get yours here.

Save money on the heating bills this Christmas with this giant festive blanket from Big Pawfection.

It's big enough for humans and pooches to snuggle together with and is made from machine washable super soft fleece.

The blanket is £34.99 and you can get yours here.

Want to get your humans a gift this Christmas that's not only stylish but also super practical?

With this hands-free set from Westley not only will you and your humans look great on your walkies, but also their hands will be free to keep feeding you treats. It's a win win!!

The set is £54 and you can get yours here.

If you have small humans in your family we find it's useful to get them their own toys so they don't try and steal yours!

Treat your favourite little person to a Christmas Nell toy -, based on the star of Adventures of Little Nell books.

The toy costs £14.99 and you can get yours here.

We have a friend who likes to turn all the heads at the Christmas parties, so we would like to give her this stunning festive ensemble by Doggone Dapper.

If you or someone you know likes dressing up, you will find a whole range of gorgeous made to measure clothes plus accessories like bandanas, bow ties and even hats here

Everything is handmade from 100% recycled fabrics so you'll also be helping the planet.

We are hoping to get invited somewhere posh for Christmas lunch this year so we want to turn up looking our absolute best in this handmade soft cotton collar by Bashe London

This stylish collar is made even more stunning by the gold buckle and pendant.

The collar is available in 4 colours from £28 and you can get yours here

Now we don't mind smelling of fox poop and mud but it seems to offend the humans and they refuse to take us anywhere nice if we smell bad.

If, like us, you don't want to miss out on all the Christmas parties because you stink, then you will need this Grooming Set by Paloma's Products.

The shampoo is organic peppermint scented and the conditioner is organic chamomile scented so you will smell good enough to eat after your bath.

The set costs £24.99 and you can get yours here.

Why should it be just the humans who have extra special treats like caviar at Christmas?

We love the opulence of the gold tin that Dogviar treats come in and these healthy little treats are made with pure sturgeon caviar oil.

40g tin is £14.95 and you can get yours here.

We want to make sure we are invited back for Christmas lunch next year by turning up smelling clean and fresh with this luxury gift set by Snooboos which includes Shampoo, Conditioning Spray, Paw Wash, Paw Balm & Hand Cleanser for the paw parents!

The set also makes a beautiful gift for your bff!
The set is £62 and you can get yours here.

We hope it snows this Christmas so we can get to show off our new Holiday Hygge Jumper.

The Salvatore Paws create elegant, timeless knitwear for fashion conscious pooches.

This special jumper is inspired by fair isle prints, with a festive sparkly lurex yarn and is made from 100% cotton using an Intarsia knitting technique to guarantee utmost comfort and durability during wear.

The jumper is £45 and you can get yours

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Thank you for your lovely blog. Lots to discover! Sorry for the short comment, I've to go shopping now... I'll start with the shampoo or collar maybe caviar... 🎄✨️🎄

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