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Oh Mamma We Love These Treats

Mammaly Dog Snacks get The Four Legged Foodies seal of approval!

Mammaly are described as Dog Snacks with Benefits as each flavour contains specific natural ingredients to aid your dog with a variety of health and wellness issues.*

Each flavour has added ingredients such as pre and probiotics, herbs and minerals and all ingredients have been approved by vets to offer nutritional benefits to pooches. Think of them as tasty supplements for your pooch!

"We are Mammaly, a company by dog owners for dog owners. Our journey began in February 2020 - since then we have been able to help thousands of dogs in Germany with our products and improve their long-term health. We are learning every day and constantly researching high quality ingredients, products and supplements - because your doggo deserves the very best!"

Archie and Nacho sampled the whole range of Mammaly Snacks which come in 325g tins. We calculated this means one tin will last around 2 months for 2 small dogs.

Each snack is around the size of a 10 pence piece and is soft, easy to digest and not stinky which is great for when you are out and about. In fact, the Fresh Smile ones reminded us of opening a box of After Eight mints at Christmas!

Nacho tested Puppy Power and Relax Time and Archie tried Lucky Belly and Forever Young. They both had one a day of each for 2 months and here's how they got on.

Everyone says Archie doesn't look his age but we are starting to see the signs of his 12 years, especially in the last 6 months. He sometimes hobbles when he gets up from a snooze and he rarely breaks into a run on walkies (except when the treats come out obvs). Plus he has Mitral Valve Disease which means his heart is enlarged and he mustn't over exert himself.

Forever Young is a daily vitality booster for dogs over 7 and has an active ingredient called L-carnitine

L-carnitine is involved in the process of energy production in your doggo's cells. It is particularly important for the heart, the muscles and the immune system. It also facilitates oxygen uptake during physical exertion.

Green lipped mussel supports joints and bones and nettle has a revitalising, antispasmodic effect.

We are continuing to give these treats daily to Archie along with his regular Galen Myotherapy treatments to improve his mobility.

Nacho is a young dog and we want to keep him healthy and active as he grows older.

Strong bones are vital in dogs who are as bouncy as Nacho and the Puppy Power snacks have Lecithin which supports growth of bones and connective bone tissue.

He is also an eating machine on 4 legs and will eat anything he comes across on walks so we are mindful of tummy problems. The snacks are infused with essential oils from chamomile, fennel and rosemary. You can smell these when you open the pack!

Both Archie and Nacho have situations they can find stressful. Like many dogs, they are not keen on fireworks and thunderstorms but Archie also finds car journeys stressful.

Nacho can get very protective of food and his humans which causes him to be anxious.

The Relax Time snacks contain chamomile, hemp and valerian, all of which have calming effects on their central nervous system.

When doggies get stressed, it can also impact their stomachs so the snacks also have pre and probiotics along with ginger and turmeric to promote a healthy gut and prevent inflammation.

As you can see they had a great effect on Archie now we just need to find some snacks for us so we can cope with the 2 little monkeys!

Being such foodies has some benefits but it can mean the boys sometimes overdo it or pick up something they shouldn't from the park (including deer and horse poop)! When that happens it can cause stomach problems.

As Archie gets older, we have also noticed his digestive system is not as sturdy as it used to be.

Lucky Belly snacks contain ingredients which support the digestive system and protect the gut such as fennel, carrots, beet, celery, zucchini and pumpkin. Archie and Nacho would turn up their noses at these ingredients individually and who could be bothered with all that chopping! But add some chicken liver and insect protein and make them into a bitesize treat and they love it!

Since the boys started having Mammaly snacks, we have noticed some immediate improvements such as fresher breath and less wind but these supplements are intended as longer term health benefit for pooches so we will continue to take them as we always want the best for our boys!

If you would like to give Mammaly Snacks a try, you can shop for them here. The full range is not yet available in UK.

*Mammaly snacks are designed to promote long-term wellbeing in your dog. We do not advise they are used as a replacement to vet prescribed medication. If your dog shows signs of pain or distress from any of the issues mentioned above, please contact your vet for advice.


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