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Meet Me at the Baaa

Our stay at Dog Friendly Young's Hotel, The Lamb in Hindon.

dog friendly hotel Salisbury

Sometimes the hustle and bustle of the city gets a bit much and we just need a spot of country air and some space to relax.

That's why we chose to spend the weekend in south Wiltshire and stay at The Lamb in Hindon.

If you too need a break from it all, then here's what you can expect from this Young's hotel and nearby attractions.

dog friendly hotel Wiltshire

Our room had everything we all needed, including treats, bowls, beds and a towel for us. The humans had some delicious homemade shortbread waiting for them. It's small things like this that really make a difference to foodies!

Hindon Wiltshire

After a quick tour of the hotel amenities, we explored the village of Hindon. It is a tiny village with 2 pubs (with rooms) a community shop and a pretty church.

The church had an animal blessing service that weekend. Check out our video here to see Nacho being blessed.

Hindon can be described as a quintessential English village, and makes for some pretty backdrops to photos.

Fonthill Lake dogs

Just a 5 minute drive away (we recommend driving because pavements are rare on country lanes) you will find Fonthill Lake which is great for walkies. You can walk all around its perimeter or just part of the way depending on your stamina.

Fonthill Lake dogs

There are parts where you walk through farmers fields so you have to be on the lead in those areas. But it's worth it for the view when you reach the southern part of the lake! (Apologies the human's butt is blocking most of it 😁)

The Lamb Hindon

Thanks to all that fresh air, we worked up quite an appetite and headed back to The Lamb for dinner.

The pub is famous for its beef which is dry aged on the premises, so it would have been rude not to give it a try.

The humans are very greedy but they did let us a try a bit. We just wished we could have figured out how to break in to that fridge!

Pooches don't go hungry at The Lamb with treats on the bar and you could persuade your humans to order the lamb popcorn for you!

The Lamb Hindon dogs

After dinner you can relax with a few drinks in the bar by the fire or out in the garden in summer.

The Lamb Hindon

With full bellies, we headed back to our comfy room for a good night's sleep. Before we got in our own beds, we had goodnight snuggles on our blanket from Pup & Kit

The Lamb Hindon breakfast

We don't let the humans have much of a sleep in when we are away because we wake up to the smell of cooking sausages and that drives us a bit crazy!

Thankfully the humans always order us one to share while they have their brekkie.

Wardour Castle dogs

After a quick visit to the church for Nacho's blessing, we visited nearby Wardour Castle which is an English Heritage site.

The 14th century ruin is next to a lake and dogs are welcome to explore the area on leads.

English Heritage dogs

Nacho enjoyed exploring the grotto but was disappointed not to find Santa!

Shaftesbury dog friendly

Before heading back to London, we stopped off in the market town of Shaftesbury for afternoon tea and a spot of shopping at the craft market.

There is a lot of history to this town, dating back to the time of King Alfred!

He may be no longer around but his name lives on at the King Alfred's Kitchen where you can enjoy homemade Dorset cream teas.

Find your perfect pub with room at Young's!


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