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Mare Street Market

We stumbled across this place on our way to somewhere else and were delighted to find out it is dog friendly.

What was once an office block is now a huge warehouse style space housing 2 restaurants, a bar, deli, bottle shop, coffee bar, record store, florist and other pop ups, currently a gelateria and a barber - don’t worry, they don’t do dogs! There is also a large outside space with more tables. The main area is an open kitchen style with various options for seating from comfy sofas to bar stools. Wherever you decide to sit, there is plenty of space and no danger of your tail getting stepped on.

There are lots of waiters to take your order and you can choose from various menus. Mare Street Market has something for everyone from breakfast to dinner or just a coffee and cake. We doggies are allowed everywhere even in the very fancy looking Dining Room which is full of chandeliers and other unique home interiors - all of which are available to buy!

The humans enjoyed their veggie breakfast from the Brunch Menu but did comment on how good the pizzas looked so I think we may be going back!

I didn’t notice any water bowls around so maybe take your own but the staff were very helpful so I’m sure they would oblige if you ask.

I highly recommend you visit Mare Street Market.




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