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Keep Track of Your Best Friend

Tractive gives you peace of mind on your four legged adventures

When you're out on a walk with your humans what's the worst thing they could imagine losing?

Not their keys, not their wallet, not even that phone thing they never seem to have out of their hands. All of that stuff is replaceable!

It's you of course! If they lost you, their best and most loyal friend, their lives would never be the same again. That heartbreak can be avoided with a Tractive GPS Tracker.

Even confirmed city dogs like us still like to go for off lead adventures and some of our parks in London are huge! Did you know that Richmond Park is 2,500 acres and has over 1200 trees? That's a lot to hide behind and a massive area to look for a little pooch in!

Parks and other outdoor adventures are filled with distractions that can cause inquisitive pooches to stray from their humans. Here's just a few that have caught our attention in the past:

Squirrels, deer, pigeons, discarded food, picnics, other dogs, someone throwing a ball. We are sure you have your own list and every dog owner knows how quickly we can disappear from their sight if something we love catches our eyes!

The Tractive GPS Tracker connects to an app on your human's phone, so they can immediately see where you are.

In addition to the live GPS update, the Tractive tracker has other great features to give your humans peace of mind.

Do you go for walkies with other humans while yours are at work? With the location history, your humans can see where you have been and how active you have been while you were away from them.

It can even tell your humans how well you are doing. Are you getting enough sleep? Do you need to burn off more calories? It can alert them to early signs of ill health.

If you like to go for adventures overseas, the tracker works in over 175 countries and is also waterproof so you can enjoy swimming in the sea or pool!

We like that wearing the Tractive GPS Tracker doesn't impede us in any way. It's super light so we don't know we are wearing it and we can play as rough as we like without fear of damaging it.

It fits securely on any collar or harness and doesn't ruin our sense of style when we go to fancy restaurants.

If you're an adventurous pooch like us or if you like to play tricks on your humans by hiding in leaves, tell them to get you a Tractive GPS Tracker to keep an eye on you.

Because we know for sure that you would be just as sad as them if you lost each other.

What you need to know:

Tracker costs £44.99
Is available in white, brown, black or light blue
Subscription plans start at £4 per month
Tracker covers and other accessories are available


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