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Huxley and Hunter

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Huxley and Hunter are two lively little Frenchies who live in West London with Angelica and Rees. Like another famous duo who live nearby (Ant & Dec) you may find it difficult to tell which is which but Huxley (age 2) is much smaller and he is fawn, whereas Hunter (age 1) is blue sable.

The boys are a social media sensation, with over 5,000 followers on Instagram and will be attending numerous events this March as part of London Dog Week’s Dog Squad.

We asked them about their busy London life....

Huxley and Hunter, what do you love about living in London?

Everything - there’s so much variety here in London! So much to do, explore, so much culture, history and adventures to be had!

Where do you like to go for adventures?

Richmond riverside, we love wandering by the riverside and people watching! And also a good run around Richmond park stalking the deer!

Any places you like to visit outside of London?

We travel all around the UK and every summer our humans drive us to Normandy for a long weekend! This year our humans are driving us all the way to Tuscany for their wedding :) we have a jam packed two weeks of travelling all over Europe, staying in dog friendly hotels!

Wow! We will have to get your thoughts on dog friendly Europe. What local dog friendly places would you recommend?

There are just too many to list! We are so lucky we live in such a doggy friendly area and West London has so many dog friendly bars/restaurants/ pubs. We love to stop by our local pub, the Ealing Park Tavern where we are regulars and the staff adore us, then a walk around Gunnersbury Park and then a cheeky cocktail and canapé at Chiswick Firehouse.

Your humans are very busy, how do you keep yourselves occupied while they are at work?

Our humans are freelance so every week is very different! When the humans are both super busy and working every day we stay at our dog walker Kathryn’s who we absolutely ADORE!! She lives down our road and loves us so much, we also go to our Granny’s when she’s not working and she loves to spoil us rotten cooking fresh chicken and buying us new toys and treats! Mum will also take us to work, where we’re a big hit on set with the cast and crew!

We hope they cast you in something one day as you’re both such big characters. We bet you make your humans smile a lot.

You bet we do! Just by looking at them!

You two are the same but how are you different?

We are SO different. Huxley is the calm gentlemen, and Hunter is the crazy LAD. We are YIN and YANG and we love each other so much!

You are both very sociable, who are your doggy best friends?

Huxley’s bestie is Fin, he’s our dog walker Kathryn’s dog! Hunter makes besties every day and will play with any dog that comes his way - he just won’t give up his or their ball!

How long have you been an Instagram sensation?

We’ve been on instagram for around a year and a half! Mummy had to set it up as her friends were tired of her constantly posting pictures of us on her own personal instagram so she created ours

Your humans have a special event this year, how will you be involved?

We will be the ring bearers at the wedding in Tuscany.

You can keep up with the boys adventures on Instagram @huxleyandhunter or meet them at one of our events.


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