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How to Enrich your Dog's Life

Canine enrichment is a relatively new term in the dog owners vocabulary, so what does it actually mean and how can we achieve it for our own pups?

Think of it as walkies for the brain! We all know the importance of regular physical activity for our doggies but we can often forget that it's just as important to exercise their brains. Boredom can often result in bad behaviour and mental stimulation helps prevent this.

Here are 6 ways to enrich your dogs lives.


Using a slow feeder such as Lickimat™ satisfies your dog's natural instinct to forage whilst also making meal times more interesting.

Eating the same food from the same bowl every day can become boring so use Lickimat™ to introduce new ingredients and flavours. The Lickimat™ Slomo is divided into 4 sections enabling your dog to enjoy a mixture of dry food, wet food and treats.

Slow feeders also aid digestion by preventing your dog from gulping down their food in on go!

Get yours from all good local pet boutiques such as The Hound Hut.


K9 Connectables

Interactive toys such as K9 Connectables teach dogs to use their brains to work out how to get food and satisfies their natural hunting instincts.

K9 Connectables toys are made from super tough nylon, meaning they can withstand even the strongest of gnawing which is great for your dog's teeth and gums.

You can keep adding to your K9 Connectables collection to make the game even more fun.

Use code ARCHIELOVES10 for 10% off when you order yours!



Most of us will have one of these in our doggie cupboard!

Kong® are the original interactive toy and have been around since 1970.

The Kong® Classic can be used as a slow feeder, a treat dispenser and a toy.

The shape of the toy means that once full of goodies, your dog will have to work extra hard to reach it. You can even freeze your filled Kong® to make it last longer. The durable design and bounce means you can also use it outside as a throw/fetch toy.

Kong® have a wide variety of products to suit your dogs size, age and chewing power.

Get yours at all good local pet stores such as The Hound Hut (pictured).


Kiwi Walker Octopus

Many dog breeds were bred to be working dogs but the modern pooch, especially those living in cities, don't get to use their inherent skills. Playing fetch is a great alternative and not only provides mental stimulation but provides plenty of physical exercise too. It's also a great way to bond with your pup.

Make fetch more fun with a colourful foam toy like the Kiwi Walker Octopus. These toys are seriously strong but also lightweight. They even float so great for the swimmers!

You can pick up a selection of Kiwi Walker toys at Dog and Groom in Wandsworth (pictured).


Puppy Toys

Puppies need constant stimulation to keep their attention during training. An interactive toy will keep them focused as it will satisfy a puppies curiosity of things they don't understand. The colours and shapes will keep them interested and they will want to discover what's rattling around inside.

Starting your dog early is the best way to hone his problem-solving skills and overall intelligence.

Ask your local pet boutique to recommend the best toy for your puppy. Pet Pavilion stores (pictured) have a great selection.

*photo credit @itspomegranate


Homemade Enrichment

There are many ways to use household items to provide mental stimulation for your dog.

We drilled holes in an old tennis ball to create this slow feeder for Archie. See how we did it here.

You can even create a whole obstacle course around the house using boxes or toilet roll holders with treats hidden which is great to get your dogs using their noses.

Follow @pawsitivemyotherapy for more ideas.


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