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Updated: Jul 21, 2019

Hemingway is a 10 year old pug with a massive personality packed into a tiny body. He was born in Sydney, Australia where he once attended the Symphony for Dogs at the Opera house. He now lives in Battersea with humans Helen and Matt and his cat sister Coco.

Hemingway is a very social dog, he loves London and all it has to offer - parks, pubs and various dog events. His friends sometimes refer to him as GC, George Clooney of dogs, due to his salt and pepper chest and big smile!

We asked Hemingway about his London life.

What do you love most about living in London?

Me loves London! Me can go to so many nice places with my humans, me has been to cafes, pubs, restaurants, bars, cinemas, bowling, hotels and stores. Me also loves the weather, it’s not as hot as in Australia where I’m from!

We are very happy to have you as part of the London dog gang. What dog friendly places in your local area would you recommend?

Oh me gots lots! Are you ready? Here we go..

Le Pot Lyonnais Battersea

Sendero Coffee Lavender Hill

The Rectory Clapham

The Windmill Clapham

Number 22 Clapham

Brewdog Clapham Junction

Brindisa Battersea Powerstation

Pizzeria Pellone Lavender Hill

Oliver Bonas Clapham

Natural Law Lavender Hill

Wow that’s quite a list of places for us to check out. While the humans are eating, what food and treats do you like to enjoy?

Me loves food and treats! Me has just found By Benji, biltong for dogs, super yummy! In summer my favourites are ice cream and watermelon. One for mummy, one for me.. chicken is the winner all year around and steak, me loves steak!

After all that lunching where do you like to go for walkies in your area?

Me is so lucky, I got two great places! Clapham Common and Battersea Park. Both are lots of fun and me is always getting smiles and pats! There are always lots of doggies around to say hello to and have a play with.

When it’s time to take a break from the city, where do you like to go on holiday?

Anywhere with my humans and cat sister. Lately me likes putting my little pawsies in the water so by the sea or a lake would be real fun.

We love to see you in your outfits. What is your favourite?

This is a tough one, me loves dressing up as me gets extra smiles and it usually means me will do something fun. Me loves my vintage T-shirts from Aurora Pets and my bow ties. Plus mum has been getting better at making my shirts so they are pretty good too these days.

What things do you do that make your humans smile?

Hehe they smile just looking at me. Not a lot of effort required. Me is a little clown though, me loves attention and can stare you down from across the street for pats. Me likes leaping about like a little looney from time to time and is known for my beautiful singing when me gets excited!

We enjoy following your adventures on Instagram. Who do you like to follow?

All the London doggies of course, me has met so many friends! Then me loves the comedian @grandma_graybeard who usually gives me my daily laugh and @high_rollers_club_hrc they are super cool and raise money for doggies around the world who needs wheelchairs.

What are your favourite Instagrammable places?

Me is a pub dog so all dog friendly pubs are Instaworthy in my eyes! Give me something solid to sit or stand on and me will make any place look good ;)

Me is looking forward to go back to the lavender fields too, they are real pretty and smell so good.

Yes we have the Lavender Fields on our must visit list too. What other plans do you have for the rest of 2019?

Me is planning on spreading some more smiles and love to all the places I go and the people me meets. Loves you!


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