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Give Your Furr a Boost

If you have a pup who doesn't like water or you worry they just don't drink enough then there is a solution.

Furr Boost is a delicious dog hydration drink designed especially for pooches, using human-grade, high quality ingredients, providing the perfect junk-free complement to your dog’s daily water intake.

We tried Furr Boost because Archie is a nervous traveller and usually refuses to drink on long journeys but he couldn't resist the tasty flavours and even calmed down of this drink and even clamed down a bit afterwards. The drinks are packaged in Terta Pak® cartons so are easy to transport and take out and about for walks or holidays.

Furr Boost is available in 3 delicious flavours; beef, broccoli and blueberry; chicken, butternut squash and cranberry; and pork, sweet potato and apple and each flavour is packed with natural superfoods, vitamins and added oils from salmon, flaxseed and coconut. All are completely free of artificial preservatives and colourants.

As well as topping up hydration levels, Furr Boost also supports a healthy metabolism, skin and coat, and aids anxiety, digestion and immunity.

Furr Boost can be given as a tasty treat on its own, added to dry food, or frozen into refreshing treats. It is suitable for dogs on a dry, wet or combination diet.

We made it into these frozen lollies in the brief hot spell we had this summer and they worked perfectly as a tasty cooling treat.

You can also freeze the drink then mush it up onto a Lickimat® or other enrichment toy to keep pooch occupied for a few minutes (or seconds if you're a Four Legged Foodie).

Furr Boost will be at Paws in the Park on October 9th and 10th or you can get your Furr Boosts here and use code ARCHIELOVES15 for 15% off.


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