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Give us a Pizza That!

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

If delicious wood-fired pizza, cocktails and a 360 view of London with your dogs is your idea of a perfect day then Bussey Rooftop Bar is the place for you! You can definitely count us in too!

Take the Overground to Peckham Rye and within a 5 minute walk from the station you will find Bussey Alley, slotted between the local shops and tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Rye Lane.

Copeland Park is an old industrial estate in Peckham which has been turned over to a number of small, independent businesses, artists and restaurants, creating a really great spot to explore with your dogs.

Sitting atop the Bussey Building (which was once a cricket bat factory) you will find the Bussey Rooftop Bar.

The space is completely covered which was very much appreciated as we went on a particularly rainy July day! It is decked out in a style that fits the building, with an open kitchen, bar and high tables with stools to allow you to enjoy the view. And what a view it is!

The position of the building means you get a 360-degree view of London! We spent much of our visit pointing out all the top landmarks (a great way to entertain your non London friends when they visit). Unfortunately, the rain made it misty so we couldn't get great photos of the view. You will just have to go and see for yourself!

When we weren't behaving like tourists, we spent the rest of our visit enjoying fabulous cocktails (other beverages are available) and some of the best pizza we ever had! The pizzas by Share a Slice are all made fresh to order and cooked in the wood fired oven to give that authentic taste. The menu includes a vegan option.

When it comes to our Four Legged friends, they are very welcome at Bussey Rooftop Bar. Archie and Nacho received a lot of attention from the staff and they were brought water and a blanket to sit on.

To get that view you need to be high up so there are a lot of stairs to climb but as long as your dog (and you) are up for the challenge, you will have a great time once you reach the top.

They have regular comedy nights which doggies can come along to - Archie was hoping for an open mic night to practice some of his routines! And on the other half of the rooftop you will find the Rooftop Film Club * where pooch can join you to watch a movie!

Keep an eye out for our upcoming blog on what to expect when taking your dog to an open air cinema!

*this part of the roof is not covered.


We highly recommend a visit to Copeland Park and Bussey Rooftop Bar and we would love to see your photos if you go so please tag us on Instagram @the4leggedfoodies

Hopefully you will get some better shots of that view!

Follow @busseyrooftopbar for more images.


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