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Get that Festive Feeling at beautiful Linnaean Living

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

It's time to say goodbye to Nothing Happened November and a big festive hello to Dine Out December.

If you want to get that Christmas feeling, we can think of nowhere prettier to do it than Linnaean Living in Embassy Gardens.

When they re-open their doors on December 2nd you can expect food that is as stunning as the decor!

The menu creates a perfect balance between plant based and clean living and every dish is packed with flavour.

The cafe offers an all day menu from which you can choose such delicious delights as cauliflower and potato curry, butternut muffins with leek bechamel and coconut panna cotta.

Dogs are not just welcome at Linnaean Living, they are positively encouraged. Pooch can relax on a comfortable bed with treats and water provided whilst you enjoy your lunch.

They even have an Instagram account dedicated to us @linnaeandogs

Linnaean Living isn't just a cafe. It's also a beauty salon, health spa and store!

After dining, the humans can treat themselves to a variety of beauty treatments, including hair treatments and massages. All services use the latest technology and carefully selected brands, which are also available to buy in the store.

Although the treatments are only for humans, your pooch can join you anywhere in the spa.

Book your treatments here and use code WELCOME10 for 10% off your first visit.


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