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Get Comfy with Milo and Pi

We first met Milo & Pi when they attended our first ever Christmas market in 2019 and we have been huge fans ever since.

Made by UK craftsmen from natural sustainable resources, each Milo & Pi bed is like a work of art. Made from some of the finest wood from trees found in Cornwall and topped with natural, breathable mattresses.

The perfect addition to any home.

One of our favourite products is the travel mattress, which makes a great place to sit at the pub.

The soft mattress has a waterproof back (so also great for picnics) and rolls up into the leather harness, making it easy to carry. A much better place to enjoy your treats than the hard pub floor!

The mattress can also make a great spot to teach your pup to settle while you enjoy your pub lunch. Though we cannot guarantee how long he will stay there!

Visit Milo & Pi to see their full range of beds, mattresses and accessories.


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