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Get all your Weekender Essentials with a Waggy Caddy® Kit

Since we got Nacho it now takes us even longer to leave the house because we have to make sure we have everything we need for two dogs! So thank dog for this wonderful travel kit by Waggy Caddy®

This weekend will be Nacho's first overnight away and at still only 4 months old, we need to make sure we have every eventuality covered but Waggy Caddy® have thought of everything.

The Waggy Caddy® Kit is fully equipped with a whopping 19 items, including travel bowls, blanket, brush, treats and poo bags all in a sturdy canvas bag that won't look out of place with your own designer luggage.

The bag has adjustable straps and can be slotted over your suitcase handle for easy transporting. Inside there are multiple compartments to keep everything tidy and the front pocket folds down to create a feeding mat for those on-the-go meals.

Puppies don't travel light because they need lots to keep them occupied and you need some essentials in case of accidents but you will only need to add a couple of things and use the extra cases for their food then you can pick up your Waggy Caddy® and go!

You can order extra items for your caddy if you have more than one dog and you can also order refills of toys, treats, poo bags and wipes.

The Waggy Caddy® Kit will help make packing for your Pawcation stress free and it also makes a great starter kit for the new pup in your life.

Order yours here.


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