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Forthglade Treats

In February I was sent a pack of these heart shaped treats by Forthglade. I think it was something to do with this St.Valentine character the humans seem to love so much but as I long as I get spoilt too, who cares?

So they took me with them this year to celebrate Valentines Day at The Bluebird in Chelsea and I had the Love Treats while they stuffed their faces with cake!

The treats are grain-free so great for my friends with allergies like Maisie (@pawsitivemyotherapy) and are 100% natural which is something the humans are keen for me to have.

“100% natural ingredients including carob ( a dog-friendly alternative to chocolate) and strawberry. Each individual treat can easily be broken in two for smaller dogs, or just to make them last longer.”

Delicious - what’s not to love?

Forthglade have a whole range of treats as well as wet and dry food all of which is available on their website and stockists including Fetch and Pets at Home.



P.s don’t be trying that breaking them in half trick on me😂


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