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Forthglade Sardines

Forthglade food and treats are firm favourites of mine, so I was delighted to receive their new Sardine flavour to try. The complete meal is grain free and made from 75% sardines, so it’s super fishy.

My nose was on full alert as soon as the tray was opened as it is super stinky, just how we doggies like it! It was gobbled up in no time and I can tell you my bowl didn’t need any cleaning afterwards.

“You’ll have your four-legged friend hooked with this new fish recipe! Each tray contains all the nutrients your dog needs to stay happy and healthy. Free from nasties and gently steamed, this recipe is easy to digest and sure to get a tail wag of approval.”

Visit to get yours and if you love fish they also have Ocean Fish and Salmon flavours.

Archie 🐾🐾

p.s If you want the matching toys visit


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