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Ernie is a 1 year old Cavapoochon who lives in South East London with Alice and Matt.

Alice had always wanted a dog with lots of curly, fluffy hair so when she saw a photo of Ernie on Gumtree whilst travelling in the Philippines it was love at first sight and they picked him up the day after they returned home.

Before they met Ernie, Alice and Matt never knew Cavapoochon’s existed but Ernie’s puppy eyes were too irresistible and the Bichon just adds that volume bonus to his hair! Now this bundle of fluff brings them so much happiness and has made their family complete.

We asked Ernie about his life with Alice and Matt

What do you love most about living in London?

Some humans think it is difficult to have a dog in London but they couldn’t be more wrong. I love living somewhere there is always something to do. Most weekends I will be going to doggy meet ups - I love all dogs and humans so this is my total heaven!

We totally agree that London is a great place for dogs and there are a lot of green spaces for us to explore too. Where is your favourite place in London to go for walkies and why?

I’m so lucky to live really close to Blackheath and Greenwich, which are both beautiful parks for walking... Blackheath also happens to have a couple of amazing super doggy pubs, which my humans probably visit too often! If you’re ever in the area I recommend The Hare & Billet - they have a table piled with treats, bowls, blankets etc.

We will have to give that place a try. What other local dog friendly places do you recommend?

Apart from the Blackheath pubs, I love going for brunch. The bigger the portion size the better, because this usually means my humans have leftovers to share with me! My favourite brunch spots are St. David’s in Forest Hill (@stdavidcoffee) and Grind in Greenwich.

How about outside of London, any favourite places to visit?

My humans are from Brighton originally so they always take me home to visit their families. I love walking along the beach and swimming in the sea (only in the summer though!). The South Downs are also so pretty for walks.

How do you occupy yourself while your humans are at work?

While my parents have to slave away at their desks, I get to go to doggy daycare and run riot with my furiends! It’s the best! And it means I’m extra tired when they get home from work and ready for all the cuddles.

We all love your hair, how do you keep it looking so good?

I get lots of brushes, almost every day. I also go to the groomers for a full pamper every 6 weeks. It’s a lot of work to stay this gorgeous!

Silly question alert - what do you do to make your humans smile?

I love to steal things, which I suppose shouldn’t make them smile... but I have some pretty amazing puppy dog eyes that means they can’t stay angry at me for long and usually end up laughing! I also have a severe lack of peripheral vision from my long fringe so they find it quite entertaining to watch me try and catch a ball.

We love your Instagram page. Why did you start it?

Duh! Have you seen this face?! It would be going against my duty to society if I didn’t share it with the world! But seriously, through my page I’ve been able to connect with so many other doggies which has been so great! I love being part of the London dog community.

Whose Instagram page do you most enjoy following and why?

Ernieoodle with Marnie of the Cavdashians

There are too many to name!

I love my fellow fluffers like @samsonthedood and @poochofnyc. For unrivalled sass levels it’s got to be @pop_sausage and @cavdashians are my cutest little pals!

What are your plans for 2019?

Hopefully my page will continue to help me meet lots more doggy friends! I’m also hoping to get my passport soon so I can take my humans on holiday. I’ve got my beret at the ready!


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