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Electric Beans - Because the Humans Need Coffee!

The humans are often heard muttering the words "I need a coffee" so we thought we had better make sure there is plenty for them at our Foodie Fest.

Good job then that our friend Bel from Electric Beans will be there with her cute coffee van to satisfy their caffeine cravings. (Tea and hot chocolate will also be available).

You will probably be itching to go and sample all the treats we have lined up for you and trying to pull them away from the coffee but fear not, Electric Beans will also have a special treat for all Four Legged Foodies.

Join the humans with your very own shot of Good Boy Bone Broth! Specially made just for our Festival!

Electric Beans will be in our Two Legged Foodie Zone on September 19th. In the meantime you can try their coffee by visiting them at The Clapham Omnibus Theatre and Venn Street Market.


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