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Dogs of Instagram London Meet Up

Last Saturday, behind the door of a townhouse in a quiet Square in Bloomsbury, gathered dozens of London’s most influential pooches. I was fortunate to be amongst some of our top Instagram dogs, who have more followers than Boris Johnson, and definitely have much more interesting posts!

I was welcomed with free treats from Denzel’s and The Dog House, I just love their little treats and Gaynor loves the tin they come in as I always come running when she shakes it! Then it was time to start networking with the VIPs (very important pooches). I of course knew the names of most of them, such as @daphnethewondersossige and @bobbyjoeinlondon but it was great to finally meet them and have a good sniff. A few dog lovers who are unable to have their own dog also came along to meet us all and get a doggy fix!

The place smelt great as there were lots of doggy businesses there giving me free treats to try and some non-edible products that were more interesting to Gaynor. She came away with 2 big bags of goodies for me to try from:

Check out my Reviews blog in the coming weeks for my thoughts.

A huge thanks to Familiar Kin for organising the event, we hope ours are as successful. Follow #dogsofiglondon to see photos of the event and let’s get those doggies more followers than Justin Bieber.

Archie 🐾🐾


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